Let us assist you with our residential electrical service, which include: remodeling, lighting upgrades, panel & fuse box replacements, landscaping lighting, safety inspections & more....

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We are the perfect solution for your business. Whether you need new construction, remodeling, adding outlets, emergency generators, or lighting retrofits, we can handle it all.

Looking for Panel Replacement Dallas TX?

Residential Panel Replacement Dallas TX

Your Dallas TX home will be at its best with our residential Panel Replacement services which include: remodels Dallas TX, lighting Dallas TX, meter replacements Dallas TX, pool equipment, landscaping and more....

Commercial Panel Replacement Dallas TX

We are the perfect Panel Replacement solution for you business. Whether you need a new construction, a remodel, emergency generators, or just general lighting, we can handle it all.
New Constructions Dallas TX, MAC (Moves, adds, and changes), Service Upgrades, Panel Replacements,Remodels,Troubleshooting Panel Replacement, Surge Suppressor, Restaurants, Parking Lots, Lighting Replacements, Office or Retail Space and much more.

People usually think that the residential Panel Replacement field is an easy one that anybody can handle, the reality is that the electrical residential Dallas TX field have so many codes to follow to guaranteed the safety of the people living in it that any work performed in it must be done for a qualified electrician, also the residential electrical field is plagued with "fake electricians" that can really mess up your house, for this reason we advise you to hire a licensed electric contractor to do any of your electrical needs at Home. We can help you with: New Construction Dallas TX, Additions, Remodels, Service Calls, Troubleshooting and more.

We needed Panel Replacement in the shed we added in the backyard. A direct line wasn't practical, so Mike took it along the fence line. Everything looks great. He also replaced the front porch fixture that is 20' up and impossible to change the bulbs with a down firing fixture that works much better.